Katie Did and Katie Does
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Prompt 25 – All Is Love: Who do you love unconditionally? Who loves you unconditionally? Who do you love despite their flaws? All is love. I am a very blessed person for being able to say what I’m about to: I don’t think there is just one person that I love unconditionally, nor is there […]

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Prompt 9 – Best Photo:  Please post your best photo of the year. It doesn’t have to be the best technically, it doesn’t have to be the best visually, but it should be a photo that you consider the best. Does it have special meaning? Is it of a significant event or moment? Share it with […]

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Prompt 6 – Thelma & Louise: Who is the Thelma to your Louise? Who is your partner in crime? Did you reacquaint yourself with an old friend? Did you make a new friend? Or, perhaps, you are a lone ranger? Take some time today to look back on how you spent your year and give a shout […]