Katie Did and Katie Does
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I know many people this year participating in #Reverb10, an annual blogging event held in December that is meant to reflect on the year’s experiences and manifest what you wish for the year upcoming.  Participants must pledge they will blog every day for 31 days straight about a proposed topic.  Not only is this exercise something that points to my own beliefs about you being the creator of your own life, but it also hits upon two things that I love to do: reflect and write.  Additionally, I have been so inspired by reading others’ posts that I felt compelled to go through this exercise myself.  It’s the end of a year, and we’re on the precipice of another.  What better time to reflect, purge, embrace and draw gratitude than now? And what better venue to do so?

Given I am jumping on this bandwagon halfway through, I will try to keep within the December timeframe.  If I’m unsuccessful (because starting this the same week as starting a new job may not be the best idea), I pledge to finish these posts 31 days from now.

What is about to ensue will be windows into my soul, for better or for worse. Above all, I am embracing the cleansing process that is about to commence, and embrace all of you who will take this journey with me.

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