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#Resound11: Then and Now
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Prompt 19 – Then and Now: What was your life like a decade ago? How has your life changed since then? If you’re not feeling wordy today, why not show us some then and now portraits of yourself?

Ten years ago, I was a student. From January to May, I was in my senior year at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana; from mid-May through July, I lived with my brother in Rochester, New York and “interned” at my sister-in-law’s flower shop; and from August through December, I studied on an overseas exchange program at Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam, Holland. It was quite a year, and I’ve gone through just a wee bit of changes since those days. Now,  I own two businesses and get involved in new ventures on what seems to be a daily basis. If one thing remains the same it’s that life is ever-changing. Enjoy the comparison…perhaps not much has changed afterall. I have always been me.

Me, Sara, Seanán, BJ and Emily on the St. Charles Bridge in Prague, December 2001

 Seanán, Martin, me and Emily at a club in Rotterdam, 2001

BJ and I at our old stomping ground, Cafe Concordia in Rotterdam, 2001

Some of my girlfriends during all four years at Indiana University: Wendy, Steph, Sarah Beth, me, Katie, Brooke, Jess and Kelly, 2001

Marching Hundred friends: Nora, Craig, me, Dan, Jenny, Michelle, Laura, Dave and Dave, 2001

Graduation from IU and the after party at Nick’s English Hut playing Sink the Bismark with Hixson, Katie, Wendy, Dana and the family, December 2001

Laughing it up with Aaron at Social Media Day (and my birthday!), June 2011

On the Erasmus campus during our 10-year reunion, but now aspiring photographer, August 2011

My boyfriend Dan and I atop of the International House in Rotterdam, August 2011

Some of my closest friends from my hometown of Hamburg, NY during our Dirty Girl Mud Run: Marisa, Laura, Kuhn, Kristie, me and Anna, September 2011

Saving Dan as we go over Niagara Falls in a barrel with my PR girlfriends Brittany, Molly and Carolyn, September 2011

The love of my life, my niece Clare (21 months old), November 2011

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  1. nicole says:

    katie you look exactly the same!!!! you haven’t aged in 10 years!!!! fountain of youth 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    Thank you!!! I like to think I look better now than I did then. 🙂

  3. Craver says:

    Of course you do! (and so do I)

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