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#Resound11: Theme Song
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Prompt 5 – Theme Song: If your life was a television show, what would its theme song be? What music would be cued at the start of the show or when you entered a scene? Think about this past year. Is there a song that you’ve heard that has really struck a chord, one that has spoken to you? Maybe there’s a song that goes along with your one word for 2011. Maybe there is a song that you’ve heard that instantly cheers you up or makes you think of a special moment that happened this year? If you can find a link to a video or snippet of the song or the lyrics, please share it and explain why this song is your theme song and how it relates to your 2011.

Ok, so maybe I’m not literally the Greatest American Hero. But let’s face it, this is probably one of the catchiest TV theme songs ever composed – this tune gets me singing every time. It was the first theme song that popped into my mind when I read the prompt. Lucky for me, when I read the lyrics, I realized they’re actually appropriate. Bonus! Great song and it’s meaningful.

Looking past the superhero context, the song here does a pretty good job of summarizing how I’ve felt this year. Yes, the lyrics are rather cheesy (love those ’70s), so I’m going to spare us both from making any sort of a cheesy analysis to go along with it. I will say, however, what I take away from this song is this: it makes me happy. It makes me want to sing. It puts an extra bounce in my step. In fact, I do sing – loudly. And I play it again, and start to sing once more, only louder the second (and third) time. That kind of carefree happiness that I get out of this song for 1:45 is what this year has felt like. I find myself–more in the second half of the year than in the first half–happy. Joyful. Smiling. Suddenly I’m on top of world. Believe it or not…It’s like a light of a new day. It came from out of the blue. Breaking me out of the spell I was in, and making all of my wishes come true.

Ok, so I went there. I don’t care. I’ve listened to this song about 45 times in a row, and I’m still singing.

Side note to the #Resound11 folks – yesterday it was “Superpower,” today it’s “Theme Song.” What’s tomorrow’s prompt going to be, “Kryptonite?”

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