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#Resound11: One Word
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Prompt 1 – One Word: What is one word to describe your 2011? Why does that word sum up your year? 


For me, 2011 tested me in ways I have never been tested before. And what I got out of each moment along the way was a simple yet profound sentiment: “Honor thyself.”

I was faced with extraordinarily difficult and strenuous situations, and as I encountered, waded through, and completed each, I can proudly say that I held true to what I believed and honored what I felt was the right thing to do. Even if that means it was simply the right thing to do for me.

It is rather amazing how people in this world may try to mold you to their liking, or if they are in influential positions, try to coerce you into doing something that suits their needs but that you may disagree with. And oftentimes, force is used. All one has to do is look at what’s happening to peaceful Occupy protestors voicing their opinions to see this as a truth. No one should be allowed to force you to do anything, or to try to change any part of you. Perhaps it is human nature to try to do so. Above all else, it is our job to protect our thoughts, our emotions, our spirit.

Honoring thyself also encompasses the age-old adage that you should always listen to your gut. What I’ve learned the most over 2011 is this statement can never be given enough credit for how much truth it holds. I went against what my senses had told me in late 2010 and learned the lesson of that throughout the first half of 2011. It was a priceless lesson, and one that I am grateful for, as it made me realize just how valuable  my own thoughts and intuition are.

Each day this year, I have encountered situations that gave me a choice: pay attention to how I feel and what I believe, be persuaded by someone–or something–else. I choose to listen to me. Being selfish is not a bad thing when it comes to letting you be the guide of you – not others. The best gift you can ever give yourself is to honor your spirit. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

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