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#Resound11: Let Go
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Prompt 29 – Let Go: Letting go can be hard. We get comfortable in our current situation. We have a tendency to repeat the same behaviors and patterns even when we know they are not in our best interest. Sometimes we hold on to relationships, dreams, feelings, or stuff just because we can’t let go. But letting go sometimes is what we need to do. What did you let go of in 2011? What was the experience like? How is your life different today? Do you ever regret it? If not, is there something that you need to let go of in 2012? What scares you about that possibility? What situation do you need to create for that to happen?

It still amazes me to say this, but it’s anger that I have started to let go of in 2011 and will continue to let go of in 2012.

I have never thought of myself as an angry person, and, in fact, I’m generally happy most of the time. But over the past several years, I’ve been on a spiritual journey of sorts, examining my behaviors and thought patterns that I’ve never considered before. One of the realizations I made in 2011 was this deep-seeded anger that resides within me. And what was scary was the sudden realization these feelings have been there without my conscious knowing of them. Lurking beneath the surface, my anger was bringing about situations and people in my life that had me thinking “where the hell did this come from??” yet, because it was hidden, I didn’t realize my own responsibility in certain matters. And what has been scary about this learning process is realizing that I’ve held onto feelings I had no conscious recollection of, yet were actively shaping my life.

Who knows how, why or when this anger first started developing. I know that I’ve only just started scratching the surface to those questions. But now that awareness has begun, there is no going back. In order to heal myself and become a more peaceful, fluid being on earth, I want to release this anger completely. Already, with what I have released in 2011, I can sense a greater calm about me, and it’s shown in what’s reflected back with who and what make up my life. I look forward to what life will bring as a reflection of an even greater release in 2012.

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