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#Resound11: Future Self
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Prompt 30 – Future Self: Today, write a letter to yourself to read on 12/30/12. Write about what you have accomplished. Write about who you are and who you have become. Write a wishlist. Is writing a letter to yourself too cheesy? Write about how you would like your life to be different than it is now at this time next year. Or write about what you would like to have stay the same.

Dearest Katie,

Your life continues to evolve in ways you never thought possible. And your growth along the way shows through in everything you do. You remain true to who you are and your beliefs, and you honor the knowledge you’ve gained along the way. You respect yourself and others, and are shown the same respect in return. You love with your whole heart, and hold nothing back when giving yourself to the people and causes you believe in, and you’ve been greatly rewarded for this. You continue to be a student of life, embracing the unknown and the unlearned with fervent passion and great excitement. It’s these qualities that make you the bright light you are, and what fill your life with the joy and fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

All I want to say to you now is this: continue doing what you’re doing. Trust in yourself and in your instincts. You know what you need, and you know that what you have is a direct result of your desires. You have the power and capability to do anything you dream. So, in the words of your loving father who has told you this your whole life, make it happen. And believe that you can.

You’re something special. Know that, and live it.

Love now and always,

Your self

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