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#Resound11: Everything Is Going To Be OK
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Prompt 27 – Everything Is Going To Be OK: What is one thing, a sign if you will, that has shown you that things will be just fine in 2012?

There is no “one thing” that has happened this year that reassures me 2012 will be fine. Instead, it’s a conglomeration of events and moments between loved ones and even strangers that show me–daily–that life is good. In fact, life is great. And it will only get better.

I am a very blessed person, and I have always known this. However, I don’t believe that I’ve ever been this happy or content with my life in the way I am now. And I hesitate to use the word “excited” when I think about what’s to come, not because I don’t look forward to what’s next, but because I don’t want to hold any expectations for the future. I want to be pleasantly surprised and completely open to where life is going to head. I have faith that whatever–or whoever–comes along will be exactly what I need at the exact moment it arrives. To say I hope for certain things takes away from the raw beauty of the moment for when new things or people spring up.

Each day, I look around and take note of the supportive family, caring friends, loving companion, warm home and stimulating work that surrounds me. All of these elements brings me great joy, comfort and serenity. Of course, the years will bring change, but my only wish is to peacefully and lovingly welcome and embrace such changes.

Change is inevitable, and it can undoubtedly be scary. Depending on your current position in life, you either long for it or dread it. We all, to a certain extent and regardless of our current situation, fear it. Or, rather, we fear what’s unknown. It’s natural, and perhaps that’s why we feel the need for reassurance that “everything’s going to be ok.” When we attempt to reassure ourselves, in a way, it’s acknowledging that fear. And when you acknowledge it, then it’s existence becomes a real thing. Even more real becomes the power to create the situations we fear. I am a firm believer in the power that each of us create our own situations in life, regardless of how much something may seem out of our own control. We invite everything–and everyone–into our lives, knowingly or not. I’ve come to this realization after several years of not acknowledging my own responsibility for what I didn’t like about my life. But, like anything, we can’t accept accolades for our successes but deny responsibility for our failures. And, by the way, failure is not a bad thing. They are gifts that make you become a better version of yourself.

It’s because of that belief that I don’t look outside of myself for comfort in knowing everything is ok, or that everything will be ok in the future. My happiness is in my hands, and I plan on making my life something I look forward to living each moment of every day.

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