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#Resound11: Best Photo
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Prompt 9 – Best Photo:  Please post your best photo of the year. It doesn’t have to be the best technically, it doesn’t have to be the best visually, but it should be a photo that you consider the best. Does it have special meaning? Is it of a significant event or moment? Share it with us. What if you don’t have a photo? That’s OK, share an explanation of a “missed shot,” or a photo you wish you could have taken had you had your camera with you or if your camera would have cooperated.

I love taking photos. It’s a recent hobby of mine, started initially as an accompaniment to my writing. As the old adage reminds us, pictures say a thousand words. And, as verbose as I am, sometimes I can’t just say it all with my words. You need the pictures to.

And because of this, it’s hard to pick just one photo. Therefore, I present my top three, all which hold great significance:


1.) A special place.

From August to December 2001, I studied Public Administration at Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam, Holland, on exchange from Indiana University. I can easily pinpoint these 5 months as the most significant, defining, life-changing period of time in my life. On December 14, 2001, I left Rotterdam to attend my graduation in Bloomington the following day. I said goodbye to Rotterdam knowing I would be back in 10 years time, exactly for this occasion. I made a promise to Rotterdam, so to speak, that I would save this particular anniversary as the moment when I would return. This summer, I was joined by about a half dozen of my classmates from around the globe, some of whom are my dearest friends, but all who are special to me because of what we shared together. Pictured below are me, Seanán, Lizzy, Sara, Robert and Andrea during our first trip back to campus 10 years later. Amazingly, we all look the same.


2.) Being joyful.

My niece turned one earlier this year. This is the photo I took of her just after her closest loved ones sang “Happy Birthday” to her for the first time, she had eaten the first few bites of her cupcake, and it was the first time she had ever experienced the pleasure that only sweets can bestow. I am in love with her expression of sheer joy, looking at my brother adoringly as if to say “Oh daddy, this is so much fun! I’m loving every moment!” You can almost hear the squeal of delight in this photo. And my brother and sister-in-law’s smiles at her joyfulness tell you how much they love being parents, and to this little girl especially. She is a special one, and the three of them make an exceptionally special family. This picture captured a moment, and a feeling, that I will cherish forever.


3.) Best Dressed.

Dan and I went to a friend’s wedding in September in Buffalo where the bride’s girlfriends (me included) were asked to wear hats. As Emily (the bride) is very fashionable, she wanted her wedding to have an element of proper elegance, taking inspiration from the Royal Wedding earlier this year. So, when Dan and I were in London over the summer, I thought if I’m going to buy a hat for this wedding, London is the place to do it. When in London, right? And because Dan has a personal style all his own–and I love that he owns it–he fittingly put together an ensemble that went with my outfit rather smashingly. The wedding itself was held at two rather historic places of interest in the city, which, coupled with our outfits, made me feel like we reincarnated a glamorous life of those 50 years ago. In her Thank You card to us, Emily said we were the best dressed couple at Buffalo’s Royal Wedding. I must say, I think I agree with her (aside from the bride and groom, of course). We had a fantastic time, and one hell of a picture to show it.

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